• Adjustable leveling speed from x1 to x6 using .xp command. Example: .xp 5 will set your experience rate x5.
  • White quest items are party-shared and guaranteed to drop. (with some exceptions)
  • Instant mail delivery.
  • All Flightpaths unlocked.
  • Free 75 riding skill and 60% racial mount at level 20.
  • Death Knights available in all expansions.
  • Cataclysm race/class combinations. (requires custom patch, check downloads)
  • Account-wide Mounts/Companions/Attunements.
  • Leveling professions awards experience (formula: new skill value*player experience rate). Example: leveling from 99 to 100 awards 500 experience on x5 rate.
  • Transmogrification.
  • Level realm firsts for lvl 60/70/80 that award titles depending on your class and race.
  • Automatic Spell Learner. (including class quest spells and dual spec at level 10, epic mounts excluded)
  • Players can queue RDF and BG at the same time.
  • Automatic Spell Learner. (including class quest spells, epic mounts excluded)
  • Warlock soul shards stack up to 9999x.
  • Darkmoon Faire changed to match every Sunday
  • Vanilla rare spawn of Mount Vendor (once a month) that sells mounts like:
    Reins of the Bengal Tiger
  • No pay-to-win, we sell mostly cosmetic stuff.
  • Armory.
  • Global damage / healing reduction by 5% (6.6% for healing) every 10 levels, up to a maximum of 30% (40% for healing) reduction at level 60 and beyond. (Only on Vanilla/TBC)
  • Additional class balance/tweaks for expansions prior to WOTLK, you can find the details here.
  • Crossfaction BGS,Arenas.
  • Added resillience to PVP gear, to help balance. (Vanilla)
  • Alterac Valley is scaled, boss/mob stats and resource ratio is adapted to the number of players inside the bg.
  • Doing battlegrounds awards experience and are, in fact, an alternative leveling route!
  • Anti-AFK bg queue system - players who dodge queues or fail to respond to them get deserted.
  • Being able to queue arena anywhere using a specific free companion given at character creation.
  • PVP Ranks & item requirements (for Vanilla only) below: (these requirements can be adjusted depending on the server population)

Rank Requirements for realm Precision

Rank Min Kills Max Kills
Rank 1 - Scout/Private612
Rank 2 - Grunt/Corporal1224
Rank 3 - Sergeant/Sergeant2460
Rank 4 - Senior Sergeant/Master Sergeant60150
Rank 5 - First Sergeant/Sergeant Major150300
Rank 6 - Stone Guard/Knight300360
Rank 7 - Blood Guard/Knight Lieutenant360780
Rank 8 - Legionnaire/Knight Captain7801200
Rank 9 - Centurion/Knight Champion12001800
Rank 10 - Champion/Lieutenant Commander18004200
Rank 11 - Lieutenant General/Commander42007800
Rank 12 - General/Marshal78009000
Rank 13 - Warlord/Field Marshal900010200
Rank 14 - High Warlord/Grand Marshal1020012000
Rank 15 - Of The Horde/Of The Alliance12000-
  • Sunken Temple is now a 51-60 dungeon and bosses are buffed.
  • Sunken Temple quests available at Phase 1 (SOM change).
  • Lvl 51-60 dungeons have reduced trash but bosses are buffed to provide better challenge.
  • Shared itemization: (class quests and items like tiers, sets, specific items are now shared between classes to give a larger range of choices to other specs)
    • Warrior: normally shared between Warrior, Paladin, Death Knight.
    • Rogue: normally shared between Rogue, Druid.
    • Hunter: normally shared between Hunter, Shaman.
    • Warlock: normally shared between Warlock, Priest.
  • World Buffs removed from the game.
  • Vanilla mechanics restored. (example: rune dousing in MC, but only necessary for MC release patch).
  • PVP ranks and titles (PVP gear can be obtained depending on your rank). the amount of kills necessary for certain ranks is scaled , check the PVP tab.
  • Added resillience to PVP gear, to help balance.
  • PVP epic gear gets released with AQ patch.
  • Badge System that allows you to buy previous patch gear (vendors unlock depending on patch), these badges can be obtained by doing RDF or raiding.
  • Arena + 2 custom arena seasons and arena rewards.
  • Level 60 class/race realm firsts.
  • Vanilla Onyxia's Lair.
  • Vanilla Naxxramas.
  • AQ War Effort.
  • Scourge Invasion.
  • Adapted spells cooldowns for professions like Transmutes and such.
  • Riding prices adapted to Vanilla
  • Set requirement changed to help other specs (all tiers and other sets) (examples: warlock T1 -> can also be used by shadow priests | warrior t1 -> paladins/DKS | rogue T1 -> druids ...)
  • Warlocks have access to Soul Well and mages to Refreshment table in Vanilla.
  • Shared itemization: (class quests and items like tiers, sets, specific items are now shared between classes to give a larger range of choices to other specs)
    • Warrior: normally shared between Warrior, Death Knight.
  • Level 70 class/race realm firsts.
  • Pre-nerf TBC stats.
  • Adapted spells cooldowns for professions like Transmutes and such.
  • Riding prices adapted for TBC.
  • Catch-up mechanism based on Badges of Justice currency (gear from previous patch).
  • Heroics don't require keys, they require reputation instead (honored min).
  • BOJ drops moved to RDF/daily quests until 2.3 (then they will also drop from bosses on raids/dungeons)
  • Auction house/PvP Vendors/Training Dummies added to Shattrath.
  • If you die in Outlands, you will get a Ghost Gryphon, so you can fly while dead.
  • Chained progression and emblems. (example: you need to complete Naxxramas to be able to enter Ulduar)
  • All changes done in previous expansions are restored to normal WOTLK behavior.
  • AQ War Effort mat requirements have been reduced to 1% of the original values. https://wow.gamepedia.com/Gates_of_Ahn%27Qiraj
  • Scepter chain has been made easier and quest items are party shared.
  • Scourge event preceeds the opening of Naxxramas and it's pretty similar to the original made by blizzard where the infection gets worse in a span of 7 days. https://wowpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Scourge_Invasion
  • Custom events, the most common being the FFA Event which consists in a deathmatch arena free for all PVP with instant respawns.
AQ War Effort
Server-wide event that precedes the opening of AQ
Scourge Event
The Scourge Invasion was a world event that heralded the opening of Naxxramas.